Tiffani Lewis

 Tiffani Lewis, with her empowering lyrics and strong, soulful voice is impacting the music scene and creating a buzz. The 31-year-old Songstress from California is a driving force for women’s empowerment and setting her own standard with an attitude that can't be compromised.
Born on July 27th in Arizona, she moved to Pomona shortly after and has called it home ever since. Some of her earliest and most fond memories are those of her singing with her Grandmother. Every day, the two would practice in the living room for hours. Not before long, Tiffani developed her own passion for singing and her undeniable talent became evident to everyone she encountered. In the winter of 1991, at the age of 4, she made her first solo debut singing in a Christmas play at her church. This performance was the first of many to come as she is still an active parish member today. It was there, on that platform, she realized that singing was her life’s ambition. One day in Junior High after hearing Tiffani's voice during practice, her drama teacher encouraged her to try out for the choir. She was accepted upon completing her audition and would continue to sing with this choir all the way through the end of High School.
Currently, she has joined forces with Havoc the Mouth Piece, from the legendary group South Central Cartel. In doing so, she came aboard the entire GaimChng3r & Go Hard movement and landed a spot in a group known as the Magnificent 7. This specific arrangement of artists was handpicked by Havoc himself with one goal in mind - greatness. The mix of their creative differences and lyrical talents have come together to create an entirely a new sound and achieve just that. This in turn, led to her new Hit Single “#‎Pain”‬. Written by Chanel Royale and Cali Pitts, and produced by Cary Calvin and Robert Baney, “
#Pain” embodies an emotion many women can relate to. Inspired by actual events, the tangible feeling and depth of the song is undeniable. Continuously pushing through barriers and charting new waters, this R&B Diva is the acclaimed New Princess of the West Coast and will not stop until the world knows it too. 

The Lady Gainchng3r

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